6313 UA Radiant Gymsuit - CHILD

Under Armour ArmourFuse racerback tank leotard displays an athletic lime green, blue, and purple design printed on polytek fabric. Includes matching hair scrunchie.

Wash instructions:

Garment must be washed separately. Turn garments inside out. Use a mild liquid detergent, gently hand wash in a large volume of cold water. Rinse immediately.

DO NOT allow garment to soak. DO pat dry with a clean towel and use a thick plastic hanger to air dry.

DO NOT use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in these garments, causing the foil on fabrics to discolor and the embellishments to fall off.

DO NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric and embellishments used in these garments.

DO NOT iron. The heat from an iron can melt and/or discolor the delicate fabrics in these garments. 

  • Deodorants and perspiration may cause these fabrics to color bleed, fade or lose foil, especially when the two colors meet under the arms. We recommend the use of pure crystal deodorant, which does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate.

Elite Sportswear, L.P. will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed. 

Category: Kids Gymsuits

Type: 6313

Vendor: Elite Sportswear

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