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Off-ice training tool for figure skaters wanting to practice spins and jump take offs.

The E-spinner is aimed at the serious skater needing to practice both spins and jumps. Also improves posture, balance and agility while strengthening the body at the same time. Simulates the movements and sensations of the athlete on ice. Great warm-up tool before getting on the ice and competitions.

How does the E-Spinner work?

To practice jump take offs:

  •     There are two thick elastic bands which allow take-off practice and to prevent slipping
  •     The  yellow more stretchy band can be used for practicing the take off for single jumps and the red less stretchy / harder band can be used to practice the take off on double or triple jumps.

To practise spins:

  •     Use the E-Spinner without any bands.

On which surfaces should I use the E-Spinner?

  • Choose a hard, smooth, clean surface. Don't use on a wooden surface as it may leave marks.
  • For safety reasons, ensure the space around you is free of furniture or other objects.


  • The rotation point has been moved forward for a more realistic feeling spin.
  • The rocker and the curve profile are higher to reduce friction for improved speed of spin and better balance.
  • The wider platform is for ease of use.

Material:     Nylon

Dimensions:     30.5cm long X 7.6 wide X 2.5cm thick (12" Long by 3" Wide by 1" Thick)

Weight:     272g

Package content: 1 Bahamas E-Spinner, 1 yellow band and 1 red band.

Country of manufacture:    Italy

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