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Klincinz Hairstylers are made from a special synthetic material which grips the hair, while not tangling it. Each hairstyling product has a slit down the center through which your hair is conveniently pulled, rolled and then styled as desired. Klicinz come in five different sizes, including Jumbo Large, Jumbo Medium, Large, Small and Mini. Klicinz is the ideal updo hair design accessory for women with busy lifestyles and/or hairstylists who want to create elegant, sophisticated upstyles. Klicinz helps to quickly and easily create fashionable, trendy styles. Klicinz will not damage your hair. It is the ideal tool that will transform the life and work of a hairstylist. As an added benefit, we added more hairstyle options with directions on each package. It's so easy even a dad can do it!
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