Are figure skating tights warm?

⛸️Yes!  As long as you choose tights specifically designed for figure skating!⛸️
Clear rhinestones adorn this over the boot skating tight. The tight is light tan in colour and is a more translucent type of skating tight.

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What are the warmest tights for figure skating?

⛸️  We  find the warmest tights are a blend of bamboo, nylon and cotton. These account for most of the tights that skaters search for in our store  ⛸️.

What makes bamboo tights so popular?

Bamboo fiber used in tights is antimicrobial; thermal regulating; wicks away moisture better than cotton fabrics; is resistant to mold and mildew; is absorbent, fast drying and more comfortable; and is exceptionally soft. Bamboo cultivation is not stimulated by pesticides nor artificial fertilizers.

What kind of skating tights do figure skaters wear?

The most popular brands are the Mondor brand and the Jerry's brand. The most popular styles are footed, footless and over the boot. Here is a general guideline to help you sort through the categories and prices of skating tights in 2022. Note prices quoted are in Canadian currency (cad). 🇨🇦

Footed style tights in light tan

Warm bamboo skating tights with a full foot. Tights are shown on a pair of figure skater's legs. Colour is light tan. 

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Just about every figure skater has worn footed skating tights. They are the most popular skating tight for beginner and advanced skaters.


      • Mondor Bamboo Style 3301 Kids $20.99 cad & adult $24.99 cad. 🇨🇦
      • Mondor Cotton Style 3371 Kids $20.99 cad & adult $24.99 cad. 🇨🇦


    Footless style tights in light tan

    Mondor footless figure skating tight shown on figure skater wearing figure skates. Tights are hooked up to the first few hooks on the skater's boots. Colour of the tight is light tan.


    Shop Mondor 3303 Adult Footless Tights


      Footless tights end at the ankle and can be worn over the top few hooks
      of the skating boot or inside the skate.
      • Mondor Bamboo Style 3303 Children's $20.99 cad & adult $24.99 cad. 🇨🇦
      • Mondor Cotton Style 3373 Children's $20.99 cad & adult $24.99 cad. 🇨🇦 


      ✨Options for skaters in search of tights with rhinestone embellishments

      Jerry's footless skating tights. Clear rhinestones adorn the bottom cuff of the tights. Colour of the tight is suntan. 

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      • Jerry's Rhinestone Style 376 Children's $21.99 cad & adult $21.99 cad 🇨🇦
      • Mondor Fully rhinestoned legs Style 911 and 912. $26.50 & up 🇨🇦

      Over the boot style tights in light tan

      Mondor over the boot skating tights. Shown covering skate boots. Colour is light tan. Style is mondor 3302 bamboo or 3372 for cotton.

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      Often worn for a skating test, performance or competition.

      • Mondor Bamboo 3302 Kids $31.99 cad & adult $35.50 cad. 🇨🇦
      • Mondor Cotton 3372 Kids $31.99 cad & adult $35.50 cad. 🇨🇦

      Why do figure skaters wear tights over their skates?

      That's a great question! Over the boot skating tights cover the leg and entire skate boot. They clip or velcro under the skate boots. We've found that skaters chose these tights for the following reasons:

      • To elongate the look of the leg
      • To make extensions look better and bigger
      • To cover nicks and marks on skates
      • To contain a lace which may get lose, thus avoiding tripping
      • A matter of personal preference & aesthetics during a performanc

      Washing 🧺 instructions for skating tights

      Yes tights are machine washable in cold water. Drying can be done in a dryer on low heat however, laying tights flat to dry is a great option if they have rhinestone embellishments.
      So sort out those tights with bling, they will need more specialized attention.

      Why did my skating tights turn pink? 🌸

      Yep this can happen, it is usually a sign that bleach made it's way into the wash. Use bleach free detergent to keep your skating tights pink free. 

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