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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
Jerry's 1215 Glitter Figure Skate Blade Covers
Jerry's 1417 Marshmallow Skating Blade Cover
Jerry's 1262 Blade Buddies - Blue Seal
Narwhal shaped figure skate blade cover in soft aqua plush. Horn is silver.
New version of rainbow kitty - only in bright colours. Plush cat head with plush body where skating blade fits in.
Bright blue plush pegasus dragon shaped figure skate  blade covers. White tuff on top of dragon's head.
Soft rainbow coloured pastels on a unicorn shaped blade cover. Unicorn has a silver horn.
Cabin moose blade buddies blade cover. Chocolate brown plush moose with red tartan antlers.
This bubble gum pink poodle blade cover  has shaggy ears with satin pink bows. Blade fits inside the body of the poodle figure skate blade cover.
Corgi Pup blade buddies in a soft shaggy light brown fur and white muzzle. Cute little feet. Blade sits inside the body of the plush pup.
Soft plush purple poodle with shaggy ears and satin bows on the ears. Bottoms of feet are also shaggy. Blade fits inside the body of the purple poodle skate blade cover.
Yellow taco shaped extra puffy soakers, skate blade covers. Embroidered happy face on the side with yellow and green shag on top for the cheese and lettuce.
SoftPawZ Sequins Blade Covers Glittery White
Guard Dog figure skate blade cover in irridescent white shinny fabric.
SoftPawZ Shag Blade Covers in Black
Fuchsia pink shag figure skate blade covers by SoftPawZ.
Bright blue shaggy skate blade covers. Made by Jerry's.
Blade covers in the shape of a hot dog. Reddish wiener with a happy face.
Black and white panda plush blade buddies figure skate blade covers. Panda head has a purple bow.
Super thick and puffy figure skate blade cover. Pink grapefruit slice shape with silver blade.
These grey and white plush critter blade covers have a husky head with blue eyes. Tail is where figure skate blades fit in.
Tan plush fibre lion with blade. Jerry's blade buddies lion.
Jerry's Blade Buddies Blade Covers | Lion
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Hello and tan giraffe holding a figure skating blade. Jerry's blade buddies skate blade cover.

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