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Love dancing barefoot? Need a little protection to keep your feet healthy?

Dance Paws only cover the ball of the foot and have 5 toe openings. A very sturdy, durable shoe to turn on.

  • Never worry about Paws coming off or moving around while dancing
  • Synthetic suede sole for super smooth turns
  • Slow to wear and tear
  • Cushions bony areas of the foot
  • Shape to your foot providing a comfortable, secure fit
  • The ultimate in performance and durability

How to choose your size

    Sizing is based on width of feet, not length. Stand on a piece of paper, and with pencil held verticly in place, trace the sides of your foot. Measure the widest distance. See chart for correct size.

How to put on your Paws

  • Place tip of each toe in its hole, then pull till snug against foot - take your time
  • If holes are too tight customize using instructions below
  • Dance Paws will conform to your foot after 6 hours of wear. They will feel tight around your foot, but should feel comfortable around your toes.

How to customize the toe holes (Only required if the toe holes are too tight)

  • Draw a mark where the fabric overlaps onto your toes.
  • Use a small sharp scissor to trim to the mark made
  • A small cut makes a big different
  • Cut above the holes, do not cut between the toes

Washing instructions & Care

  • Wash in warm or cold water with gentle detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Be gentle when taking on and off, they will last longer


  • Hand-stitched. Made using washable durable powermesh spandex and synthetic, vegan suede
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Package contents: 1 Pair of Dance Paws

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