Edea Chorus Figure Skating Boots

Risport Sizes: 22
Skate widths: C
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Materials and a unique design have combined to make ice skaters feel at home quickly in the Chorus.

Features of the Chorus

  • High density memory foam holds the foot without pressure
  • Soft collar increases the range of movement
  • SH microfiber lining combines natural and synthetic fibers with the strength of leather but at one third of the weight. The close weave of the material makes it less prone to wear down quickly.
  • Longer heel arch distributes forces over a longer axis giving skaters better feel and control
  • Honeycomb footbed makes Chorus lighter and provides greater control
  • Thinner outsole for a lower center of gravity improving balance and feel
  • Specially treated leather makes the Chorus waterproof, more hygienic and easier to clean.

Stiffness rating

Edea rating of 75

Which jumps can be attempted?

  • Light skaters 80 lbs or less can attempt up to early doubles.
  • Skaters over 80 lbs up to the axel

We have found this skate to be suitable for Skate Canada STAR level 4 & STAR level 5

Lacing the Edea Chorus

Why is lacing so important?

  • It improves control by holding the foot in the correct position
  • It increases comfort by minimizing internal movement
  • It improves skate durability by working with the shell to provide support

How to lace the Chorus by Edea

Start at the toe, insert the lace from the outside to the inside.
Tighten by pulling the laces outwards and downwards.
This will feel different but will become second nature.

How much pressure should I apply while lacing?

Edea recommends

  1. Looser across the toes
  2. Tighter across the instep 
  3. Looser on the upper hooks for more flexibility.

Edea Chorus White Skate Boots for girls and women.

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