Edea Overture Ice Skates

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Italian leather ice skates designed for light skaters working on single jumps up to the lutz.

Features of the Overture

  • Full Italian leather uppers
  • Thin soles for better control
  • Anatomically designed padded tongue
  • Orthopaedic foam ankle padding
  • Embedded hooks for strength
  • MK21 blade is attached

Stiffness Rating

Edea rated 55

Which jumps can be attempted in the Overture?

We suggest the Overture for the skater working on Skate Canada STAR levels 2 and 3.

Skate Profile - Forward Centre of Gravity

  • Rear profile shifts the skater's centre of gravity slightly forward
  • Upper profile follows the lines of the leg increasing the range of movement and increasing lateral support

Rolled Protective Collars - Increased Range of Movement

  • Made of durable, soft microfiber with internal padding
  • Padding complememts the anatomical design and increases the range of motion

Anatomical Tongue - Providing Support

Flexible tongue allows you to move your ankle effortlessly and to bend easily from the first time you lace up your skates.Made of 2 separate parts. The longitudinal curve and the transverse curve. Reduces strain and risk of injury.

  • Longitudinal curve supports the leg while bending
  • Transverse curve wraps the instep for better comfort
  • Tongue rigidity varies by model. Softer for entry level models, more rigid for advanced models.

Anatomical Shell - Made of Thermoforming Materials

The unique Edea lasts (the shape used to make skate boots) are shaped for exceptional comfort without pressure points. They work for many different foot shapes.

  • The warmth of your foot adjust the padding to wrap around your feet
  • Tri-foil thermoforming materials made from elastomeric polymers. Anatomically shaped during production with heat. 

High Density Memory Foam Padding - The Ultimate in Comfort

  • Supports the ankle and holds the heel in place
  • Ensures a fast and easy break-in time
  • Quick drying open cell air-tech microfiber lining means slow bacteria build-up

SH Microfibre Interior Linings are Hypo-Allergenic

  • A combination of natural and synthetic fibers which are less prone to wear
  • Hypo-allergenic materials mean quick drying time, slow bacteria build-up and improved boot hygiene

Innovative Sole System - Eliminating Twist & Torque

The Edea sole has 2 layers. A lightwweight honeycomb layer and a thinner ventilated membrane. These two materials combine to provide a lower center of gravity and better feel for deeper edges.

The Honeycomb Layer

  • Made of a macro-molecualr structure which improves impact resistance and structural strength.
  • Reinforced in the middle to eliminate twist and torque during demanding skating elements.
  • It dampens negative vibrations which reduces skater fatigue.

Ventilated Membrane

  • Is a mould resistant non-organic material.
  • It is light and thinner helping the foot stay cooler.

Secured Lacing - Anatomy of Edea's Patended Hooks

Edea Hooks

According to Edea's research - The hold and comfort of a boot starts with the hooks!

Paired with the Edea lacing method, this combo ensures maximum support, comfort and performance from your skate boots. (Looser on the upper hooks / Tighter across the instep / Looser across the toes)

Hook Material

  • Patended crush proof carbon steel hook
  • Hooks are tempered to improve strength
  • Hooks are galvanized to reduce corrosion

Hook Design

  • Wider at the base
  • Longer and rounded edges
  • This design makes lacing easier and hold longer

Hook Placement

  • The wider base of the hook is sewn inise the boot's upper
  • The hooks are placed lower to keep laces more secure when wrapped
  • This unique position reduces pressure on ankles giving you more comfort

Double Helix Threaded Screws - Superior Hold for Longer

With the sole being thinner in design than traditional skate soles, a shorter screw was required. Superior hold for better performance.

  • The double helix threaded screws increase the 'bite' surface ensuring a tigher lock, holding significanlty longer
  • Made of 100% galvanized steel which protects against rust and corrosion

How much pressure should I apply while lacing?

Edea recommends

  1. Looser across the toes
  2. Tighter across the instep 
  3. Looser on the upper hooks for more flexibility.

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