Jackson Ultima Matrix Freestyle MX7120 Silver

Blade Length: 8 1-2
Sale price$699.99

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Matrix Freestyle figure skating blades are lightweight and technologically advanced to increase your performance.

The Aircraft Aluminum Chassis is very light and combined with the premium grade Japanese AU8 stainless steel runner provides faster and superior edge performance over a regular steel blade.

Features of the Ultima Matrix Elite MX7120

  • Up to 33% lighter than traditional blades and 17% lighter than Revolution blades
  • Stainless Steel is harder than carbon steel which results in a faster blade with enhanced edge control
  • Stainless Steel requires less frequent sharpening
  • Tapered edges provide superior edge control with better grip to the ice surface
  • Tapered edges result in a quieter skating performance
  • Cross Cut Picks provide the best grip for high torque, fast rotating jumps
  • Cross Cut Picks are best for skaters that 'spin' into the air
  • Standard Heel
  • Advanced Competition Profile
  • 8 Foot Rocker provides less slip and better grip for those who need extra agresssion for jumps
  • 8 Foot Rocker allows for more contact wit hthe ice surface for a quicker kick to the toe pick
  • 7/16" Radius of Hollow

Usage:  Freestyle, Pairs

Blade Comparison: Similar qualities as the Revolution Phantom

Recommendation:  Advanced Skaters working on Double Axel and up

Sizes:    7.5" to 11" (Comes in 1/4" increments)


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