Step Podium (S4) Freestyle Figure Skating Blade

Blade Length: 101-2
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The G4 Podium freestyle blade is a great axel, early doubles blade

This freeestyle blade is made in Canada and is suitable for combination spins, advanced edge work, axel and early double jumps.

  • Medium primary rocker provides easy turning and good flow.
  • Intricate rocker transition, lift position, sweet spot and transfer angle support a perfect axel lift position and excellent spins.
  • Cross-cut picks and scratch pick angle produce no-slip agressive grip for toe jumps and quiet backward stroking.

Composition material


Toe Pick / Toe Rake Configuration (Teeth & spikes at front of blade)

Cross Cut Pick

The benefits of a Cross Cut Pick

The Cross Cut Pick allows skaters to grip the top layers of the ice as opposed to digging down deeper than a straight cut style. Will grip the ice better with less sliding, works well for skaters wanting a quicker rotation initiation.

Rocker Radius (Rocker radius refers to the rear part of the blade used for gliding and stroking)


The benefits of a 7' Rocker

The Podium blade is more curved, less contact surface with the ice. What does this mean in terms of performance? A smaller radius is better for deeper edges, smoother turns and agility.

Step Podium blades are comparable to the following models

  • John Wilson Coronation Ace
  • Mk Professional
  • John Wilson Coronation Comet
  • Riedell Aurora
  • Jackson Legacy

Country of Manufacture of the Podium G4 is Canada.

Warranty: 1 Year

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