Step Signature (S4SS) Freestyle Figure Skating Blade

Blade Length: 8 1-4
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The S4SS Signature freestyle blade is the perfect axel, early doubles blade

A freeestyle blade that is made in Canada and is suitable for combination spins, advanced edge work, axel and early double jumps. It boasts a stainless carbon steel for a better glide.

  • Medium primary rocker provides easy turning and good flow.
  • Intricate rocker transition, lift position, sweet spot and transfer angle support a perfect axel lift position and excellent spins.
  • Cross-cut picks and scratch pick angle produce no-slip agressive grip for toe jumps and quiet backward stroking.

Metal Composition of the Ninety-Nine Blade

V-Steel Stainless Carbon

The benefits of V-Steel

Polished mirror finish for a cleaner edge after every sharpening
Reduced resistance on the ice
Edges are finer than traditonal blades
Stainless finish prevents corrosion spots
Improves glide and control
Tend to be harder than other blades

Toe Pick / Toe Rake Configuration (Teeth & spikes at front of blade)

Cross Cut Pick  

The benefits of a Cross Cut Pick

The Cross Cut Pick allows skaters to grip the top layers of the ice as opposed to digging down deeper than a straight cut style. Will grip the ice better with less sliding, works well for skaters wanting a quicker rotation initiation.

Rocker Radius (Rocker radius refers to the rear part of the blade used for gliding and stroking)


The benefits of a 7' Rocker

The Signature blade is more curved, less contact surface with the ice. What does this mean in terms of performance? A smaller radius is better for deeper edges, smoother turns and agility.

Step Signature blades are comparable to the following models

  • John Wilson Coronation Ace
  • Mk Professional
  • John Wilson Coronation Comet
  • Riedell Aurora
  • Jackson Legacy

The Signature S4SS is manufactured in Canada.

Warranty: 1 Year

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