Tiger Paw Wrist Supports for Gymnasts

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Tiger Paw Colour: Sand
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Tiger Paw Gymnastics Wrist Supports - Sand Colour

A unique insert system is used to control the stiffness of the flex of the Premium Wrist Supports by Tiger Paw giving you the ability to tune the support for the exact amount of support that you need. This helps in relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, reducing pain from repetitive stress, and overuse injuries.

Tiger Paw size recommendation

Select your size based on your weight. All hands, however, are a little different. If your weight puts you in between 2 sizes, please use the wrist circumference and width of palm to confirm your size.  Expect a snug fit.


XS                         Up to 70 LBS                 <5.75 inches                                < 3 inches 

Small                     69 - 115 LBS                   5.75 - 6.25 inches                     3 -3.5 inches   

Medium                 115 - 150 LBS                 6.25 - 6.75 inches                      3.5 - 4 inches

Large                     150-210 LBS                    6.75 inches & up                       4 inches & Up    

Package Contents

1 Pair of Tiger Paw Premium Wrist Supports, 4 plastic inserts and two foam inserts.

Need spare plastic inserts? Click here

Need spare foam inserts? Click here.

Tiger Paw FAQ

What are the plastic pieces for?

The plastic inserts that come with your new Tiger Paws are to add more support. Your Tiger Paws may be used with just the foam supports, both the foam and plastic, or without any added support inserts. Tiger Paws are designed to be fully customizable so that you can add and remove support as needed. The plastic and foam inserts may also be ordered separately so that you can replace or add inserts at any time.

How do I change the support inserts?

You should take your Tiger Paws off before changing the support inserts. At the base of the Tiger Paw, (near the tag) there is an opening for the inserts. Open the compartment at the edge of the velcro. Simply slide the foam or plastic inserts all the way into the compartment and reseal the hook and loop (velcro) closure. When using the waterproof Tiger Paws, we recommend removing the support inserts to let the foam and compartment dry completely before the next use.

How to wash Tiger Paws?

You may handwash your Tiger Paws, when needed, in cold water, with Woolite. Blot-dry by placing on a flat surface. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

When to use Tiger Paws?

Tiger Paws can be used to prevent wrist strain and injury in athletics or everyday activity. After injury, Tiger Paws Wrist Supports should be used according to your doctor or physical therapist's recommendations. Tiger Paws help to support your wrists during any high impact activity or any skill that involves wrist extension beyond the normal range of motion. Examples of these skills include: vaulting (especially Yurchenko vaults), tumbling, basing for cheer or stunt, or arm balances. Tiger Paws Wrist Supports can also be used when discomfort is experienced during longer durations of low impact, weight-bearing activity. It is advised that Tiger Paws are used in conjunction with regular wrist strengthening exercises, and should not be used during warm up or conditioning exercises, unless directed by a physician.

I'm getting wrist pain after using my Tiger Paws

It may be time to replace your inserts! Your foam inserts should be replaced after approximately 30 days of use, or with any sign of damage or wear. If you experience any new or worsening wrist pain, be sure to tell your coach and a parent or guardian.

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