John Wilson Pattern 99 Advanced Blade

Blade Length: 8
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Pattern 99 high-end freestyle blade is guaranteed to impress for doubles & triples

One of the most popular blade profiles in the world. It delivers maximum performance to high-end freestyle skaters. If you seek more control by being lower on the ice, this blade is a great option.

  • Stanchion height is low - Less torque, closer to the ice and more balance. Downside, can't go as deep into your edges.
  • Secondary rocker is subtle
  • Paralle blades are the easiest to sharpen

Metal Composition of the Pattern 99 Blade

Carbon Spring Steel

The benefits of John Wilson's Spring Steel Memory

  • Rigorous 6X Hardening & tempering practices
  • 55 Step process to ensure every blade is the best it can possibly be
  • The finest spring steel allows for just enough flex while always returning to its original shape

Toe Pick / Toe Rake Configuration (Teeth & spikes at front of blade)

Straight Cut Tapered Toe Pick  

The benefits of a Straight Cut Pick

The Straight Cut pick allows skaters to dig deeply into the ice. Allowing a firm grip while promoting great lift. Tapered toe pick for precision toe spotting on explosive jumps.

Rocker Radius (Rocker radius refers to the rear part of the blade used for gliding and stroking)

    8 FT 

The benefits of an 8FT Rocker

The Pattern 99 is set on an 8 foot rocker which is a little bit flatter, creating more surface with the ice than a 7 foot blade. What does this mean in terms of performance? More stability when landing jumps, better for speed and edge control, but a bit harder to find the sweet spot for spinning.

Pattern 99 blades are comparable to the following models

  • Step Ninety-Nine
  • Mk Phantom, Gold Star
  • Riedell Infinity
  • Jackson Elite, Matrix

The John Wilson Pattern 99 is manufactured in Sheffield England.

Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturing defects

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